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Independent CLAS Consultant

Over the last 4 years I have worked with InfoSec People on several projects and I have nothing but praise for the way in which Chris conducted his business and himself. Chris has liaised between myself and the end customer, taking the headache away from the procurement and HR elements, allowing me to perform the IA role that I was engaged to do. I have no hesitation in recommending Chris as a business partner to anyone.

Role Specialism

The attraction, acquisition and retention of talent is a hugely important process for any company, especially when the skills required are in high demand or are highly specialised. Hiring the wrong person can also be costly to your business.

Our clients often require Contract and Associate resources at short notice to fulfil business critical deliverables against project requirements. InfoSec People have successfully supplied IT and Information Security personnel to clients on a number of highly sensitive and visible £multi-million programmes.


InfoSec People have successfully supplied permanent staff to a variety of large and small organisations over the last 8 years and as such have experience of differing recruitment and growth strategies and the ability to tailor our approach to best represent each company in the market. InfoSec People professionally qualify and brief candidates and provide honest, constructive feedback to our clients at each stage of the process, vital to a successful recruitment processes and a long term business relationship. We work with our clients improve our processes and reduce management time to hire. This includes conducting salary surveys, advising on offers and benchmarking packages in order to ensure long term success of the placement.

For candidates considering a career move, there are a huge number of factors to think about. Our business is based on listening to every aspect of what you are looking for and providing honest, reliable and informed guidance on how to proceed. We believe in personally meeting all of our clients to discuss their requirements and culture in depth. This allows us to give our candidates an honest and accurate appraisal of the positions available to you. Company recruitment strategies vary. We will keep you informed of everything you need to know from the outset, whilst keeping a clear channel of communication open with you throughout and after the interview process.

Please see our candidate testimonials for further evidence of our successful approach to recruitment.


As a candidate, whether you are a career contractor or looking for your first engagement, you will receive the same professional and reliable approach from our consultants on a business-to-business basis. From the outset, we will let you know not just your daily rate but also our charge rate to the end client as a part of working with you on a 100% transparent basis.

Once engaged with one of our clients, our consultants maintain contact with you throughout the duration of your engagement, not just at extension time. This is part of our on-going contractor care policy.

We understand that any problem you have is our problem and we recognise that as a contractor you are actively representing InfoSec People to our clients.

Consultancy Services

InfoSec People offer bespoke Cyber Security Consultancy services tailored for your business, alongside our wider portfolio offering of Talent Resource Management. We provide services that enable business to both protect themselves from the emerging and advanced threats of the Cyber landscape and benefit from huge opportunities that the internet and connected world offer. InfoSec separate themselves from the regular Information Assurance consultants by providing services and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We understand that your business is unique with its own internal people and skills and as such will have specific threat actors and cyber security needs. InfoSec provide a tailored service specific to your business. We have extensive experience in Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Programme Management and Information Assurance delivery. A specialist in defensive Cyber Security, we offer a unique view of threats and risks to businesses with a wealth of proven experience.